Why Choose Easydawai?

1. Most reliable pharmacy stores do not offer discount on medicines. We offer a flat 13% discount on all medicine purchases.

2. Home delivery of medicines proves a boon for people, especially the elderly. With a reduction in your travel cost you end up saving more than you realise.

3. Easydawai offers you several modes of ordering medicine. We accept orders via SMS, Whatsapp, email, an easy-to-use website and a simple mobile application. You can also give us a phone call between 9AM & 7PM and we will take your order down. Isn’t it easy?

4. Most of the times people do not find all medicines at one shop. By placing your order with us you avoid the hassles of moving from one store to another finding what you need.

5. Promise of genuine medicine is of utmost importance for the customer as well as the pharmacy. We ensure that all medicines delivered to you are genuine and come with a reasonable expiry period.

6. By becoming an Easydawai member you get several value added benefits which your local pharmacy cannot provide. Easydawai has associations with hospitals and diagnostic centres across the city. Our registered members can avail the benefits of our loyalty program across these institutions